Obama Pride: LGBT Americans for Obama

by Michael J. Hildebrand on October 16, 2012facebooktwitteremail

No matter which political party you believe in, or occasionally side with, there is no doubt which party believes in equal rights for LGBT people. Do not pretend for one second that the Republican candidate has any interest in welcoming or even including LGBT and their families as respected citizens of the USA.


3rd Reading of the Memphis Employment Non-Discrimination Ordinance

by Michael J. Hildebrand on September 17, 2012facebooktwitteremail

Ok homos, friends of homos and folks that actually give a shit about the future progress of Memphis, Tomorrow at 3:30pm in the Memphis City Council you have an opportunity to stand up for your cherished city workers in defense of the non-discrimination ordinance to include protections for LGBT people. We are a long way from full equality in this state, and places like Bellevue Baptist Church and COGIC are ready to push their obese, ignorant weight against assuring LGBT any sort of equal rights. This meeting needs your voice.

Don’t just be another bitter Memphian complaining about what should have been, get your butt there and help make Memphis be what it has to be. Thanks y’all. See you there at 3:30pm… or as soon as you can get out of your offices.

Click here to visit the facebook event page.

Local News Coverage of the rally on Sunday:
Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee